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Baby Daniel's Story

As our staff and volunteers complete food box dropoffs in our community, we are honored to share the moments and stories as snapshots into the lives of those we humbly serve.

When one of our volunteers was out delivering food boxes this week she stopped at Jennie and Alex’s house*. A young man came to the door to greet her and help bring in the boxes. He was obviously excited. He told her that his aunt and uncle’s family of six had just become a family of seven!

One day old Daniel was surrounded by the joy and enthusiasm of his older cousins and siblings. The proud mom and dad came to the door to share the details of their good news.

The next day Caring Coalition delivered fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, and queso fresco to ensure good nutrition for the new mom.

To top it off, we surprised the kids with traditional Mexican pastries.

YOU make it possible for our volunteers to meet the needs of the families we serve.

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