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A Heartfelt Appeal for the Holiday Season

Dear Friends,

Your donations provided much-needed food for many families through the pandemic and beyond. The Caring Coalition has been able to deliver thousands of pounds of food because of your willingness to give.

The official end of the pandemic eased the hardships our families had been enduring. Parents and guardians went back to work, and children were able to attend school in person. At the same time, SNAP benefits and the Child Tax Credit decreased, AHCCCS Medical coverage was cut for many families, and grocery prices soared.

Each one of the families we serve reminds me daily that it is possible to meet adversity with courage and gratitude and that each one of us has the ability to share, even if the only thing we have to give is a kind word, a loaf of bread, or our warmth.

Let me share a few stories of the families we serve.

Vicki works hard as a plumber. There is always an uncle, a cousin, a neighbor, or a brother that needs help. She is always there for them, whether she has food to share, love, or a place on her couch.

Marisol lost her job as a teacher’s aide at the beginning of the pandemic. She started a small home baking business, and after five months, she proudly let me know she did not need our help anymore.

After the birth of her second child, Brenda was able to stay home with her newborn for a few months.

For each of these families, your kindness created possibilities for a better life.

Some gain strength from telling their stories; for others, poverty and the struggles that come along with it are deeply private.

Every family we serve has a story. When you donate to the Caring Coalition, you are helping families survive hardship and overcome diversity.

Thank you to those who have been able to donate this year and continue to support our mission at the Caring Coalition. We are always in need of more donations, volunteers, and community support in any way that works for you.

This holiday season, please consider making a gift to support this important work and the families in our community who benefit.

Sat Kaur Khalsa & the Caring Coalition AZ Team

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