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Feed More Families in Need

Caring Coalition AZ has been providing nourishment for local kids facing food insecurity on the weekends for the past 6 years. We remain committed to supporting our community no matter the circumstances. 

This is an unprecedented time of food insecurity in our community and the nation. Up until now, many students from low income families have relied on school meal programs during the week and our care packages over the weekend. The schools we serve are closed right now and many of our families are presently without a regular paycheck. In response, we have expanded our service to provide entire families with nourishing food.

Over the next several months we plan to serve more families. We deliver a set of 2 food boxes to each family on our service.  Food boxes for a family of four cost approximately $60 each and include a variety of nutritious foods.  You are a vital part of this effort. Your donation will ensure more families receive the food they need.

Your Support Makes This Possible

Donate money via Paypal. Consider becoming a Sustaining Donor with a recurring donation!

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And remember, a monetary donation could qualify you to receive a dollar-for-dollar Arizona Tax Credit*. You will be helping your community by directing your taxes directly to those in need.


Your monetary donation helps us purchase food for food family food boxes and snacks for the weekend food program and supplies we need to keep the programs going. Monetary donations qualify for the Arizona 321 State Tax Credit.


Recurring monthly donations help to ensure our ability to provide for those in need with consistency.


We exist because of the love and service of our donors and volunteers. We have an ongoing need for hands to help pack weekend care packages, people to coordinate fundraisers and food drives and the donation of professional services like: graphic design, web design, marketing, public relations, administrative services, event management, networking, fundraising.

Email us at to let us know how you’d like to help.



We help feed local kids by generous contributions from our neighbors.



Your donation could be eligible for a dollar-per-dollar Arizona Tax Credit!



Our organization is powered by neighborhood volunteers. 


Caring Coalition AZ is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and a “Qualifying Charitable Organization” for Arizona Tax Credit 321. Consult your tax preparer.  EIN 474003960   QCO code: 20773

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