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We support the health of local families

Family Food Box Deliveries

Phoenix Starfish Place

The past few years have been an unprecedented time of food insecurity in our community and the nation. 


During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the schools we serve experienced closures closed right now and many of our families went without a regular paycheck. In response, we expanded our service to provide entire families with nourishing food.

As food prices continue to rise, we are now serving more families than ever before. We deliver a set of 2 food boxes to each family on our service. Food boxes for a family of four cost approximately $75 each and include a variety of nutritious foods.  

In 2020 Caring Coalition partnered with Phoenix Starfish Place, creating a food pantry on their campus.
Phoenix Starfish Place is an innovative housing program that is a partnership between the City of Phoenix and Arizona State University Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research (STIR).


This supportive permanent housing program opened in 2017 and provides support and clinical programming for sex-trafficked women and their minor children. The Caring Coalition food pantry helps to create a greater sense of food security for the residents. They access this resource weekly to fill in the gaps created by rising food prices and changes to food stamp (SNAP) benefits.

Produce Program

Working High School Students

This program, in conjunction with public and charter high schools in the Phoenix Downtown area, helps feed working high school students who don't have time or resources to eat before or after work.


Some of these hard-working teens work very early in the morning and have to go to school without having eaten. Others work late into the night.


Caring Coalition provides food and snacks that are portable and easy for these teens to grab and eat on their way to work or school.

This program is sponsored by donors who are passionate about plant-based diets to promote health and spirituality. 

With their generous support, we are able to add fresh produce items to our boxes each month. 

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