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What Happens to Children Who Age Out of Foster Care?

Nathan and Emmy are one example of the ways we have had an impact. They have been in foster care since they were in elementary school. Their mother lost custody of them because she struggled with addiction. It has been years since they have heard from her.

Nathan is now a senior in high school. When he turned 18 in November, he “aged out” of foster care. He suddenly became an adult with no support besides his 19-year-old sister, Emmy. She had found herself in the same situation the year before. Since then, she has not been able to find permanent housing. Together they have been living in temporary shelters, couch surfing, or living on the street.

Caring Coalition provides food to the school Nathan attends. The social worker at Nathan’s high school has been working with local agencies to find a stable living situation for him and his sister. Nathan stops in to see her a few times a week to pick up food for himself and his sister. These visits give the social worker the opportunity to offer nourishment, support, and encouragement.

Your support of Caring Coalition provides nutritious food for Nathan and Emmy, and many others in need of support. Thank you!

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