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Food That Nourishes Body and Soul

Caring Coalition provides vital food supplies to families in our community weekly. But with the support and guidance of our community, sometimes we are also able to provide food that nourishes not just the body, but the soul.

“I contacted Melissa to arrange a time for her weekly delivery. She said, “I’m sick with COVID. I had to send my boys to stay with their uncle. I have almost no food in the house.” She was quarantined and was unable to go out to buy food for herself.

Melissa lives in Phoenix, hours away from her extended family on the San Carlos Reservation. To help Melissa feel less alone, we reached out to a Native American neighbor who offered to share some of her Native Tea bundles. This tea is valued by the Navajo, Hopi, and Apache tribes. Its use can be traced back more than a thousand years. Melissa was thrilled and said she would love to have some. We added the beautiful, fragrant tea bundles to her food boxes that week.

I spoke to Melissa again when she was well on her way to recovery. She said, “When I brewed my first pot of Native Tea and inhaled the steam, I could breathe more deeply than I had in weeks. Every cup made me feel like I was home, with my mom and my sister.”

Caring Coalition partners like you make it possible for neighbors like Melissa and her family to feel loved and valued by the surrounding community.

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