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You Can Help
Feed Children
in Need!

We currently provide 90 weekend care packages for downtown kids, as well as additional food boxes for holidays and help with essential needs upon request.

What We Do

Many Downtown Phoenix children coming from low income households rely on school meal programs for sustenance during weekdays. On the weekends, when there are no meals provided at school, Caring Coalition AZ’s weekend care packages fill the gap.

Our Goal

We are striving to provide more bags of food per week in order to serve our local children of Wilson Elementary School (we currently serve Emerson Elementary School and North High)

We want to feed more children in need!


feeds a child for 
a weekend


feeds a child each weekend for a month 

feeds a child each
weekend of the school year

How You Can Help

You can help us achieve our goal by donating in these ways:

Making a recurring or one-time monetary

Paypal, credit card
or debit card

Donating nutritious, non-perishable packaged foods
Learn more

Volunteering to pack food bags and help with other fundraising events
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Donating your professional services
Learn more

Our goal is to serve 10 additional students per week
by the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

Stories of Gratitude

We take the privacy of all recipients very seriously, but through former SySTEM School Principal
Angelica Cruz, we are able to share two anonymous family stories of appreciation:

And take a look at some of the twenty-five "thank you" cards that we received from Emerson Elementary students, letting us know what receiving weekend care packages means to them:

One of our high-needs families consists of nine family members living in a one-bedroom residence. The head of the family is a single parent who struggles to make ends meet. Her oldest child is in high school and works part time to help provide for the family because their mother has frequent health issues that prevent her from consistent work.

Her child in middle school relies on our free breakfast, lunch, and snack for his main meals each day. Knowing that holiday meals and weekend food is provided by Caring Coalition has been a game changer for the family, as they no longer stress about how they will feed their family on the weekend or for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.

They have expressed extreme gratitude for the weekend meals provided by Caring Coalition and their middle schooler's attendance has actually improved as he knows he will be getting a bag of food on Friday afternoons.

Another one of our families has seven family members living in a two-bedroom residence. The mother had a new baby this past year so she must stay home to care for the baby plus their toddler, which leaves the father to hold down three jobs to pay their bills while their other three children are at school.


They have one working car and with their father working seven days a week it is difficult to find time and money to buy groceries.


The family has been so grateful to know that food is available on Friday afternoons for them to take home, as well as meals for the holidays.

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