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A Bountiful Harvest

Captions from left to right, top to bottom:

Local Restaurateur Helps Stretch Donated Dollars. John Cavanaugh helped to make this year's "Thanks- for-Giving" Food Drive better than ever by volunteering to help purchase produce, poultry and baked goods for our families' Thanksgiving dinners at Restaurant Depot. Thank you John! 

North High community liaisons pick up the finishing touches for our families. Sunshine Market graciously agreed to store items needing to be kept frozen or refrigerated.  Thank you, Salem et al. 

Cypress Kids Canvas Rule! A group of kids living in the Coronado Neighborhood created their own flyer, made copies and stapled them to holiday themed bags and gave them to their neighbors. They collected over 200 lbs. of food. These great kids chose to donated these food items equally to Caring Coalition and St. Vincent De Paul's. Way to go young people! 

McClintock High Girls' Varsity Basketball Team showed up in force! 15 team members journeyed to Phoenix from Tempe with their coach to pack up our Thanksgiving boxes. Other volunteers from around the Valley showed up to help box up donated items. 

Community liaisons load the District van with boxes for our families.

Let's do it again next year!


This year's "Thanks-for-Giving" food drive saw over 1,700 lbs. of donated food collected from Sunshine Market, Yoga Phoenix, the Coronado Neighborhood and Pueblo del Sol Homeowners Association. The community response was so great, we were able to include 8 more families than we had originally planned. Together we sent home food for the Thanksgiving holiday and beyond for 21 families–106 individuals! 

Each of these families face unique struggles. For two of our families this year, Mom was undergoing treatment for cancer. Another family is dealing with immigration issues. Dad's earnings are going to pay legal fees. The oldest child in this family is working several jobs to pay the household expenses while attending his last year of high school. In spite of his rigorous schedule his is excelling in his studies. Yet another family lost their home and everything they owned this year and are working hard to get re-established.

Per the community liaison, families made the following comments:  "Thanks for everything you have done for our family, it is a great blessing." "This is such a blessing, we did not expect this. " "Thank you for your support! It is such a big help to our family right now." 

Your support created not just a sense of nutritional security for our families, but also the knowledge that there are people who care.  Thank you!

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